• Who We Are

    Who We Are

    The Company

    ROLSS Ltd. is a One-stop Outfit for Oil, Gas & Geothermal drilling, Power Generation, Petrochemical, and Construction Industries

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  • What We Do

    Oil and Gas, Petrochemical,Power Generation, Hospitality,Engineering & Metal Fabrication, Telecommunication, Construction.

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  • Our Experience

    Our company prides itself in diverse experience running across Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa and the Middle East/Gulf Regions

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  • Team Work

    Team Work

    The RMT Team

    “Partners not employees”. Our Team combines outstanding operational and management experience in Oil, Gas & Geothermal Drilling, Project Engineering Support and Logistics, Supplies Procurements and handling, Power Generation and Petrochemical Resources Supplies.

  • Logistics


    We are driven by our customers

    1.Inland Trucking and Distribution
    2. Setting-up and operating of logistics support bases for the offshore and onshore activities including: pipe yards,
    warehouses, offices, accommodations, etc.

  • Our Services

    Our Services

    What Do We Offer?

    Unsurpassed Results: World Class solutions to Logistical Challenges, Excellent, reliable Integrated Services and Top-Quality Supplies that meet and exceed your Drilling needs. This is our differentiator, and always will be!.

  • Supplies


    automated catalog ordering system

    We offer a comprehensive catalog of supplies and tools to support, service, and maintain your equipment and facilities. Our Supplies range from quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Construction equipment. Visit our Supply page for more

  • Training


    Provider of top notch Drilling Training

    ROLSS Ltd believes in “No Train, No Gain” philosophy, a competent workforce is the most crucial resource that any drilling company/contractor would have at its disposal.
    All our Training is based on IADC, OSHA, OHSAS, ASME and API requirements and good industry practice.

  • Customer Relations

    Customer Relations

    unparalleled Customer relations

    In line with modern Professional Practice, we’ve embraced the rapid changes in our industries’ philosophy of efficient and effective operations, unparalleled Customer relations, unequaled Personnel Safety,… trust us!