Our Services

Our Services


ROLSS Ltd. Provides a wide range of market competitive services for the following industries;
• Oil, Gas & Geothermal drilling and production               • Petrochemical
• Power generation                                                                   • Mining
• Industrial                                                                                 • Marine

Some of the Specialized Services that we offer include;

 1.Rig Move Services

These services cover the Rig Moves from an area to another or in field moves and includes;
• Identification of required Handling and transport equipment based on Rig Packing List.
• Site Visit and Move itinerary identification.
• Risk assessment and hazards identification.
• Submission for review and approval of a Rig Move Plan.
• Mobilization/Demobilization of equipment.
• Rig Move coordination on loading site and offloading site.

 2.Human Resources recruitment, selection, consultancy, secondment and labour supply

ROLSS Ltd. prides itself of having qualified and competent Drilling crews, ranging from Rig Managers, Roustabouts to Field support personnel. These personnel have been involved in different drilling projects in most parts of the globe.

To cater for Local content and develop a cheaper and competent Local labor force, ROLSS Ltd. trains and runs local Rig crews. These crews are trained utilizing competent and seasoned ROLSS Ltd Oilfield hands who have worked around the globe in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling fields. ROLSS Ltd. engages employees who bring forth a rich Human capital for our clients. We currently supply Local and regional drilling personnel to Kuwait, Congo, Libya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda.

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Welcome to ROLSS

Welcome to ROLSS



Royal Oilfield Logistics, Services & Supplies Ltd. (ROLSS Ltd.) is a One-stop Outfit for Oil, Gas & Geothermal drilling, Power Generation, Petrochemical, and Construction Industries. We are registered as a Private Limited Liability Company under the Laws of the Republic of Kenya Cap 486 to undertake Logistics, Services, Supplies, Projects Support and other Duties essentially to the above mentioned Industries.

The Directors of ROLSS Ltd. had previously worked separately as single entities and/or Directors of other Companies in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling, Petrochemical, Power Generation and Hospitality industries and have a combined total experience of over 30 Years