Logistical Support

ROLSS prides itself for Logistical experience in Eastern and Southern Africa, the Middle East, and North Africa Regions, this gives us unequaled understanding of the prevailing logistical bottlenecks, distinctive regulations, infrastructure, and customs of these regions. No other Logistics Provider has our knowledge, relationships, resources, personnel and reputation in these regions. Our Customer Relations Officers (CROs) offers the best of Logistical solutions to our Clients.

ROLSS provides logistics, trucking and transportation solutions, design and execution of projects. We work to provide unsurpassed competitiveness with dedication to serve the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and providing innovative solutions to the changing logistics requirements of these industries.

ROLSS Ltd is represented globally through a network of specialist agencies based in key regional offices, making us a globally competitive outfit

Our Clients rely on us to competitively manage their logistical requirements, so they can concentrate on their own areas of expertise. The resulting synergy makes their and our Business profitable.


1. Inland Trucking and Distribution
2. Setting-up and operating of logistics support bases for the offshore and onshore activities including: pipe yards,
    warehouses, offices, accommodations, etc.
3. Materials receipt, handling, storage, upkeep and stock administration.
4. Coordination of customers operations including, deliveries, import, export, customs clearance, expediting, sea, air
     and land transports.
5. All harbor related operations including, vessels agency, loading / offloading of supply-boats, fuel, water and bulk
     supplies on 7/7 – 24/24 basis to allow quick turn around of vessels.
6. Meet and greet service, transfer of personnel, journey management, coordination of crew change and flights
7. Local and International procurement and freight forwarding.
8. Supply of certified cargo carrying equipment.
9. Waste management
10. Logistics Web tracking**

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