Our Services

Our Services

ROLSS Ltd. Provides a wide range of market competitive services for the following industries;
• Oil, Gas & Geothermal drilling and production               • Petrochemical
• Power generation                                                                   • Mining
• Industrial                                                                                 • Marine

Some of the Specialized Services that we offer include;

 1.Rig Move Services

These services cover the Rig Moves from an area to another or in field moves and includes;
• Identification of required Handling and transport equipment based on Rig Packing List.
• Site Visit and Move itinerary identification.
• Risk assessment and hazards identification.
• Submission for review and approval of a Rig Move Plan.
• Mobilization/Demobilization of equipment.
• Rig Move coordination on loading site and offloading site.

 2.Human Resources recruitment, selection, consultancy, secondment and labour supply

ROLSS Ltd. prides itself of having qualified and competent Drilling crews, ranging from Rig Managers, Roustabouts to Field support personnel. These personnel have been involved in different drilling projects in most parts of the globe.

To cater for Local content and develop a cheaper and competent Local labor force, ROLSS Ltd. trains and runs local Rig crews. These crews are trained utilizing competent and seasoned ROLSS Ltd Oilfield hands who have worked around the globe in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling fields. ROLSS Ltd. engages employees who bring forth a rich Human capital for our clients. We currently supply Local and regional drilling personnel to Kuwait, Congo, Libya, Mozambique, Tanzania, Tunisia and Uganda.

Alongside Drilling crews, ROLSS Ltd also has a pool of experienced local/regional and Third Country National Rig Maintenance personnel including; Rig Mechanics, Rig Electricians and Motormen. Other Field support personnel such as HSE Officers, Materials-men, Trucking and Logistics Personnel are also available.
Further, other Rig hands such as experienced heavy equipment operators, Certified Welders and competent drivers are also readily available.

 3. Drilling Support Services (Supply base services, JIT Services, critical parts delivery, etc)

Drilling is a complex activity and a lot of support services are required to ensure the success of these projects. ROLSS Ltd is the one-stop outfit for Operators and Drilling Contractors. Drilling support services that we provide include and are not limited to supply base services, Just-In-Time (JIT) supply services, drilling Rig critical parts sourcing and delivery, Specialized Rig Technicians provision, etc. This will help eliminate Rigs Non-productive Time (NPT)/ Downtime and hence increase project productivity.

To enable This, ROLSS Ltd utilizes its Business Partners from around the Globe (Kenya, UAE, USA, France, Germany, China, Libya, South Africa, Kuwait, India & Saudi Arabia) to ensure timely, Technically competent and dedicated support services and parts/materials delivery

 4. Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)& Loss Prevention(LP) consultancy

In every Drilling Project, just like any other Valuable industry in today’ world, the Health & Safety of personnel should be a core value, protection of the environment should be key and Equipment Protection and Failure prevention should be upheld.

ROLSS Ltd. is in the fore-front of upholding Health & Safety of its employees, clients’ employees, subcontractors and the communities in which we work. We perform preventive maintenance on our equipment and those of our clients. We take HSE as a core value. Our Directors have vast knowledge in this field and some of them are professionals certified by world re-known HSE Bodies (OSHA, IOSH, API, OHSAS and NEBOSH) and have carried out Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Consultancy in Africa and the Middle East achieving IADC Milestones of Recordable Incident Free days and Lost Time Incident Free days of up to 4 Years Straight.

ROLSS Ltd provides QHSE and Loss Prevention Consultancy to Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling Projects. We believe that good QHSE and Loss Prevention engagement in our clients’ projects Increases employee Morale, acquit all parties from any Legal issues arising from Personnel H & S and Environmental Violations and/or negligence and eventually save Money for Clients’ Projects (No litigations, Insurance, etc paid out, Improved employee morale equal to improved personnel productivity which consequently equal to company savings)

 5. HSE and Drilling Competency Training Services and Consultancy

We offer Total Training Solutions: Development, Management and Consultancy – HSE Training, Customized Competency Training, Well Control Training (Through authorized Organizations), Customized Maintenance Training, Hands – on/On-the-job Training and others as per Clients request.

ROLSS Ltd. believe in “No Train, No Gain” philosophy, a competent workforce is the most crucial resource that any drilling company/contractor would have at its disposal. Considering the limitation of specialized workforce in the drilling industry, ROLSS Ltd provides Total Training Solutions to its clients, this includes: Sourcing competent personnel, selecting personnel and matching them to different rig positions, fully training the personnel, assessing personnel competency after training while on the job, continuing on-the-job coaching and Monitoring the training effectiveness of provided drilling crews.

To do this effectively and to acquire a competent drilling labour-force, ROLSS Ltd. will brings on board seasoned drilling personnel/ coaches/Trainers, who carry out hands-on/on-the-job Training for the crews. This is done until the crews are competent enough to run the drilling operations. Training ranges from basic drilling concepts, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) to complex well control Training and including Rig down, Rig move and Rig up operations. All Training is based on IADC and API requirements and good industry practice including specialization in Geothermal Drilling. This not only endows us and our customers with a competent workforce who will are ready to handle any drilling project operations, but it also saves money for our customers by ensuring they stay ahead of its drilling curves and executes their operations safely. Synergizing our Clients’ operations through this Training helps prevent injuries, equipment/asset damage, downtime, and other negative operational and financial impacts.

Provision of Remote Locations/Drilling/Project Sites Catering Services

ROLSS Ltd. understands the challenges of working in remote locations. Our Directors and crews have worked in remote regions of Eastern Africa, the harsh deserts of North Africa, central African Mines and the Gulf Region. One of the major challenges associated with remote sites is provision of healthy and quality food to project personnel.
ROLSS has the ability to provide appropriate drilling locations’ catering services including provision of chilled and frozen food storage, dry food storage, fully equipped Kitchens, comfortable and suitable galleys, recreation rooms, round the clock laundry and janitorial facilities and many more.
Some of the projects where our Directors have been involved included catering for more than 1500 personnel in single Camp entities

Our Catering Department follows ISO 22000:2005 regulations of food Safety Management System and ROLSS is working towards this certification. Our catering crews are well trained, competent and easily adapt to any work conditions. We are confident that we are best suited in the region to offer these services.

7.Immigration Interface – Visas, Meet- greet and assist, airport/Hotel Transfers, etc

ROLSS Ltd has a dedicated department that caters for Visa acquisition for our clients’ personnel in Eastern Africa Region. Wherever you are in this Region, we will get your visa through our re-known officers. We also provide Airport, meet, greet and assist services to our clients’ personnel, making their transition into this region hassle free. Our Airport-Hotel-Airport transfers have been reputed efficient and self fulfilling for our clients. We utilize our competent and defensive drivers who handle our clients exceptionally well.

 8. Airline Ticketing and Crew Change Management

We also carry out airline ticketing and travel bookings for our clients and their associates. Our Ticketing and flight booking personnel have been involved in major projects some of which involved movement of offshore drilling personnel who exceeded 900 in numbers in less than three months. For efficient, reliable and top-notch services, look no further, we exceed our customers’ expectations.]

 9.  Site Emergency Response Plan (ERP) and Preparedness support.

Drilling projects are associated with certain emergencies such as Blowouts, H2S Gas release, Fires, Medical Emergencies, etc. As such preparedness and rapid response to these emergencies is vital to the projects. ROLSS Ltd. develops trains and implements Site Emergency Response Plans for drilling projects. Such Plans are done in consultation with our clients and relevant regulatory and government authorities as well as industrial experts so as to ensure their effectiveness.

 10. Project Management , Supervisory & Project engineering support

Drilling Projects always require reliable technical and engineering support. ROLSS Ltd. provides project specific engineering support ranging from modifications which involve engineering changes to refurbishments. We also provide Project Engineers to supervise such changes working with clients’ Engineers and implementing their recommendations and/or directives. We engage our best Structural, Design and Mechanical Engineers to carry out such tasks. This requires precise Management of Change which ROLSS Ltd. is familiar with. Our Engineers have been involved in such projects in UAE, Kuwait and Singapore where they modified Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling Rigs and offshore platforms to suit project and customer specifications.
We also provide project management personnel ranging from Rig managers to drilling supervisors.

 11. Equipment Inspection services

Drilling equipment such as down-hole equipment and hoisting equipment wears, tears or is subjected to tensional forces, Formation pressures, formation temperatures, hard formation drilling, etc which reduces their effectiveness. Industry practice is to inspect such equipment after a period of time (depending on company policy). Newly acquired drilling Rigs and their units should also be inspected prior to first well spud-in/commissioning inspection. ROLSS Ltd conducts all Drilling equipment inspection ranging from down-hole tools, tubulars, pressure equipment/vessels, BOPE and the Rigs commissioning once. We utilize our very qualified and re-known Local and international inspectors/Engineers. Our Inspection Partners are based in Kenya, Singapore, UAE, Egypt, Kuwait, Scotland/UK, Tunisia and Libya and have been in the oilfield and drilling industry doing such tasks for a considerable period of time to carry out satisfactory services that surpass clients’ expectations

12. Vendor/subcontractor survey/assessment/Audit

ROLSS Ltd carries out vendors/subcontractors survey/assessments to ensure they are capable of delivering quality and professional services to our and clients’ Projects. ROLSS Ltd has Competent project Auditors and surveyors who have worked in the drilling and marine industry for years to understand the requirements of effective project execution. Some of our Auditors have worked for companies such as American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Bureau Veritas which are involved in Oilfield and Marine projects surveys

 13. Operations & maintenance support

To carry out a successful drilling project requires stringent maintenance which should be run under an effective Preventive Maintenance Plan (PMP). ROLSS ltd provides operation and Maintenance crews who are familiar with these practices. We also provide mobile maintenance workshops (Trucks) which are fully equipped with essential tools and equipment to carry out project maintenance needs.

14. Centralized customs clearance and management for clients

ROLSS Ltd handles Rigs’ and other drilling equipment, materials and parts customs clearance, import documentation and Rigs mobilization to customer sites or other customer approved drilling locations/yards.
ROLSS Ltd. in conjunction with its partners ECS Logistics Ltd., One-Whale Freighters and East Africa Express Lines are well equipped with competent staff, equipment and Trucks to handle these tasks. Our offices for clearing and forwarding are based in Mombasa which is the main entry port to Eastern and Central Africa. Our Directors have been involved in Clearing and moving Rigs across Eastern Africa and the Sudan. We execute such tasks with utmost professionalism gained while working around Africa and Middle East. We develop detailed equipment mobilization Plans for clients, making it easier for us to carry out the tasks exceptionally well. Credentials of our Freight Forwarders are also available for review clients upon request.

15. Expediting services– In-house representatives/implants, PO Management & scheduling

We provide company implants     – personnel provided to clients to carry out specialist duties assigned to them by our clients. Such personnel can be full time or even short time to handle increased activities or emergency tasks.

16. Security services

We provide both armed and unarmed security services to projects in volatile or relatively risky operating regions.

 17. Personnel Travel arrangements, Planning and rotation scheduling

Drilling projects require competent personnel travel arrangements, proper crew planning and rotation scheduling. ROLSS Ltd has been involved in such tasks in all the projects that our Directors have run as individuals. We have a competent workforce who understands these tasks exceptionally well.
In fact, some of our Directors have been involved in Oil and Gas exploration in Kenya where Personnel Transportation, crew planning and rotation scheduling was part and parcel of their duty, example of such a project is the WOODSIDE energy of Australia’ Pomboo-1 oil exploration well drilling, offshore Lamu, Kenya. A total of 900 crew members were handled in a period of 3 months where transportation involved Air travel, land transportation and helicopter transportation offshore. The Directors were awarded certificates of recognition for executing the job professionally and without glitches. Other projects carried out and involving such tasks have been in Isiolo/Merti Kenya, Libya, Tanzania, Kuwait, Mozambique and Sultanate of Oman.

18.International Companies Agency services, contracting and sponsorship

We provide agency/sponsorship and contracting services to International companies or individuals. Taking off their burden of local issues and logistical bottlenecks.

 19. Site Clearance & Civil Works

ROLSS Ltd carries out drilling sites clearance, cut lines, remote sites access roads construction and other required civil works. ROLSS Ltd has a pool of competent Civil Engineers who run and manage such projects meeting timelines and ensuring project satisfaction.

20. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Audits

ROLSS Ltd does EIA and Environmental Audits through its Partners PESTAVIC EHS Ltd, Nutek Technologies and Kurrent Technologies who are all approved by the National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and who have carried out prime projects EIAs in Eastern, Central and Southern Africa Regions.

 21.Remote Sites Medical Services

Remote Projects require provision of on-site medical facilities that could help save lives just in case an emergency occurred. ROLSS Ltd provides competent Paramedics who are available on site 24/7 and armed with a fully equipped ambulance and Trauma Kits to attend to such eventualities.

 22. Rig/Plant Operational, Quality and HSE Auditing

ROLSS conducts Drilling Projects surveys/ Rig site audits client. Be it for the drilling contractor or the operator, ROLSS Ltd. believes in the philosophy of “what gets measured gets done” and hence to run a profitable and efficient project, successful companies have to audit their Drilling activities. ROLSS Ltd. utilizes its seasoned auditors who are well trained and competent to handle such tasks.
To do this ROLSS ltd
• Develops an audit protocol which reflects Drilling projects needs
• Develops an appropriate Safety and Health audit system for Drilling Projects
• Carries Out external Audits for Clients’ drilling projects’ Health and Safety system
• Carries out third party sample audits where a client has it’s own internal auditors
• Benchmark client Drilling Projects performance both internally and externally
• Advise on implementation of Drilling projects Loss prevention objectives
• Set credible performance measures for client drilling Projects
• Helps clients develop/ establish drilling project performance monitoring programs
• Develop Safety CASES for Drilling Projects
• Provide Training to all clients’ Drilling Projects personnel on Loss prevention and Risk assessments.

23. Office space sub-letting

We provide office subletting services to our clients, their affiliates and our subcontractors.