ROLSS offers a comprehensive catalog of supplies and tools to support, service, and maintain your equipment and facilities. We are working on an automated catalog ordering system. Please visit our site again for updates.

We are a reliable, re-known and competent supplier of the following;


• Valves and Actuators
• Hoses and Fluid Handling
• Pumps, Parts and Accessories
• Casing, Tubing, Drill Pipes
• Pipe Fittings and Flanges
• Oilfield Chemicals and Mud
• Oilfield Drilling Equipment
• Drawworks – Continental Emsco
• Rotary Table
• Swivel – National Oilwell
• Hook -National Oilwell
• Traveling Block -National Oilwell

• Block-Hook – Continental Emsco, National Oilwell
• Rotary Hose -Goodall
• Top Drives – Varco, Tesco, Canrig
• Power Swivel -Bowen, National Oilwell
• Air Hoist – Ingersoll Rand
• Air Compressor – Sullair, Ingersoll Rand, Quincy
• Rig Lighting – Phillips
• SCR System Ross Hill, Hill Graham, Simens
• VFD System /-ABB
• Rig motor – GE, Cat
• Rotating Heads, Handling Equipments, IBS Non Mag • • Stabilizers, IBS Steel Stabilizers, Welded Blade Stabilizers, Non Mag Mandrels, Hole Openers,

Handling Tools

Spring Slips – Varco
Rotary Slips – Varco
Casing Slips – Varco
Drill Collar Slips – Varco
Elevators -Varco, BJ
Kelly Roller Bushing – Varco
Master Bushing – Varco
Casing Bushing – Varco
Safety Clamp – Varco, BJ
Iron Roughneck – Varco
Casing Elevator/Spider – Varco,BJ, Cavins
Hinged Casing Spider – Varco HCS
Manual Tong – Varco, Wooley
Power Tong – Echel, Farr, Weatherford
Air Safety Spinning wrench – Varco
Hydraulic Safety Spinning Wrench – Varco
Kelly Spinner -Varco
Torque Wrench – Varco
Hydraulic Torque Wrench – Varco

Mud Pump & Fluid End Parts

Triplex Single Acting Pump – Continental Emsco, National Oilwell, Gardner Denver
Mud Pump Expendables – Mudking, Mission
Fluid End Modules & Accessories. -Mudking, Mission, Southwest
Pulsation Dampener – Hydril, Mission
Liner Washing Pump – Victory, Mission

Blowout Preventing Equipment

Annular BOP -Cameron, Shaffer
Ram BOP – Cameron
Accumulator –CAD, Koomey
Liquid-Gas separator – Poorboy
Rams, Rubbers, gaskets, o-rings, etc. – Shaffer, Cameron


• Automation & Control
• Flow Instrumentation
• Measuring devices
• Offshore Instrumentation
• Process & Control Equipment
• Wire Line & Down Hole Instr.

 Project Support supplies

• Commercial Project Supplies
• Field Drilling Services
• Emergency Rig Supplies
• General Supplies

Refinery & Petrochemical

• Heat Exchangers
• Pressure Vessels & Boilers
• Separators & Filters
• Compressors
• Generators
• Pumps

Mechanical & Electrical

• Engines, Motors & Parts
• Generators & Transformers
• Heavy Equipment & Machinery
• Lifting Equipment & Cranes
• Lighting & Electrical Products
• Welding & Cutting Equipment


ROLSS Ltd. Supplies quality Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Personal Protective Clothing (PPC) to all industries. ROLSS Ltd has vast knowledge in drilling projects PPE/PPC requirements and all ROLSS Ltd supplies conform to OSHA/ANSI/CE standards. A comprehensive catalogue with all safety equipment including PPE/PPC is available. ROLSS Ltd is an agent of many PPE/PPC Manufacturing outfits from around the globe (USA, South Africa, France, Germany, China, India and UAE), so you can be assured of quality when it comes to our PPE/PPC Supplies.

Standard Safety Equipment and Materials

Over the Years, ROLSS Directors have developed a comprehensive catalogue of safety Equipment ranging from PPE/PPC to Complex Fire Fighting equipment, gas detection and monitoring and Breathing Air equipment for working in toxic gas prone projects. A catalogue of our Safety Equipment is available for review.

 Environmental Equipment -Sewage Treatment Plants, Potable water treatment units and RO plants

ROLSS Ltd and its associates subscribe to strict environmental protection regulations. Towards that end, we supply Portable water treatment/RO Units & Sewage Treatment Plants on drilling sites so as to protect the environment and also avoid any legal issues with government environmental protection bodies. ROLSS Ltd. supplies these units through its partners in Colombia, UAE and Canada

High Pressure Flow Control Products

Check Valve – SPM
Hammer Union – SPM
Swivel Joints -FMC
Plug Valve -SPM
Choke Manifold – SPM, FMC
Gate Mud Valve -Demco, Cameron

Solid Control quipments

Shale Shaker – Derrick,Brandt
Desander -Derrick
Desilter – Derrick
Centrifuge – Swaco
Centrifugal Pump – Mission, MCM,
Shearing Pump – Mission
Screens – Derrick, Brandt

  Drilling fluids,Additives,Chemicals and Diesel

Having been involved in Oil, Gas and Geothermal Drilling projects ROLSS Ltd understand the needs to ensure Formation pressures are controlled. ROLSS Ltd supplies Drilling fluids, chemicals and cement additives sourced from our partners in India, China, Italy, UAE, Kuwait and South Africa. We supply all sorts of Drilling Chemicals, fluids and cement additives. We also supply these in a Just-In-Time (JIT) mode, where the chemicals are stored in our warehouses and supplied to customers’ projects on demand. This saves our customers on drilling fluids and chemicals acquisition lead time and provides a chance to timely respond to wild wells and thus considerable savings to the Projects. ROLSS also supplies diesel and other fuel products to projects.

 Drilling Instrumentation

Drilling Recorders – Martin Decker

 Down Hole Drilling Tools

Down Hole Motor – Smith, Dyna
Drilling Jars – Hughes
Shock Absorbers – Bowen
Fishing tools – Bowen, Gotco
Safety Subs – Bowen
Overshot – Bowen
Spear – Bowen
Fishing Jar – Bowen, Gotco
Fishing Cup – Bowen
Milling Shoe – Bowen
Reverse Circulating Fishing Magnet – Bowen, Gotco
Reverse Circulating Junk Basket – Bowen, Gotco
Pin Tap and Box Tap – Bowen
Casing Scraper – Bowen, Gotco

Construction Equipment & Supplies

• Earthmoving
• Lifting & Concrete
• Placement
• Paving & Materials
• Production
• Compaction
• Compact Equipment
• Attachments
• Trucking & Hauling
• Underground Equipment
• Light Equipment
• Water Purification
• Maintenance & Repair
• Construction Materials & Supplies
• Safety & Security Equipment


1. Dopes –( Jet-Lube) – Pipe dopes, DC Dopes, Casing Dopes
2. Diesel, grease, gasoline, Engine Oil, and other petroleum products
3. Oxy-Acetylene and Nitrogen Gases
4. Potable water
5. Tools – Mechanics and Electrician Tools
6. Miscellaneous Rig Supplies – Nuts, Bolts, Washers, Dope Brushes, Scrub Brushes, Wires Brushes, etc
7. Cotton Rags
8. Rig Wash, degreaser, WD 40, Copper colt
9. Paints
10. Welding Supplies – Rods, cutting and Grinding discs, Rod Holders, Bracing rods, Ground cables and Clamps, Grinders
11. Oil, Air and Fuel Filters
12. Valves – Ball, Gate, butterfly, etc
13. Actuators
14. Seals
15. Electrical supplies- Cables, Plugs, receptacles, cct breakers, connectors, drills, bits, etc
16. Pipe fittings – Nipples, Collars, reducers, T-s, elbows, etc
17. Slings – wire rope, fibre, nylon
18. Oilfield Hoses – Rag, Rubber, etc
19. Safety Equipment – fire extinguishers, SCBAs,
spill containment, smoke detectors, etc
20. Office Supplies –stationery, etc
21. Camp Supplies – Blankets, sheets, crockery,
22. Medical supplies